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irene. it was a tropical storm, warm and it was just water. we may get the wind here. we may get some property damage and people here are bracing for some power outages. so that's about it for now. we're fortunate. for irene we actually had a tornado, haven't had anything like that in terms of property damage. lots of flooding that we've shown you. you showed the viewers footage from dewey beach, lots of that type flooding throughout the area because of all the water in coastal delaware, over 50,000 people ordered out, evacuations. it's a lot more than that now because a lot of people have left on their own. >> we'd like to see bruce a bit closer in. >> someone was giving him grief for being in a shelter earlier. we won't do that ever again. we also saw pictures out of atlantic city where the storm actually went ashore. you have entire sections of the boardwalk atlantic city washed out to the ocean, haven't seen anything like that. >> it's a powerful storm. we always tell crews in the field on days like this safety is their top priority. here's why. cbs' chip reid is in ocean city cov
irene. keep in mind we are still high -- i lost track of what time it is but high tide is not until 7:30 and the wind keeps on increasing. the tide's coming n. we've got more and more rain so all this water is just going to get so much worse and especially when you think that we are only at the very, very beginning of this storm. we still have at least 36 hours to go here in rehoboth beach with hurricane sandy. and this has been going on since yesterday at around 4:00 in the afternoon. that's when we first started to really feel wow, that is probably the first big gust that i felt since we've been out here. we've been seeing really sustained winds that have been increasing throughout the night. but really within the last half- hour or so is when we first started to feel these huge gusts just coming in from the beach. we've got wave heights of about well over 20 feet now off the shore and it's just going to keep on getting worse. yesterday i talked with the governor of delaware. he was saying that already yesterday afternoon it was looking so much worse then that it was at the peak of
, this is an area in years past, hurricane irene, hurricane isabel, totally flooded over with storm surge. so there's certainly concern about that. throughout the day i've been talking to the mayor here at chesapeake beach, bruce wall. he tells me that the one thing that he's going to be looking at in the next couple of hours as we get into the morning hours is high tide. it's going to come up here about 4:00 in the morning. he expects the tide to be three feet higher than it normally is. so that's saying something for an area that, as i say, totally flooded over in years past. now, i guess the good news is not a lot of tourists out here. we didn't see a lot of them moving and shaking throughout the day. in fact, we're here right next to one of the main hotels. they tell me there's nobody in there almost. so that's a good thing, there's not a lot of tourists here. for the people who are here and for the people who live here, they know all about storm preps. we caught up with many of them this afternoon. take a look. >> reporter: these people know about hurricane preps. it's sandbags for sandy here
: well, scott, last year ocean city, maryland, mostly dodged hurricane irene, but forecasters say this time they may not be as lucky here with sandy. tourists on the ocean city board walk today seemed unphased by the approaching storm. but it was a darker mood among those who live here. bill purnell boarded up his bike shop. >> i'm pretty worried. one out of 10? i'd say i'm definitely a nine. >> we are concerned about the flooding. >> reporter: rick meehan is ocean city's mayor. what is your biggest worry about this storm? >> well, we have concerns about the intensity of the storm, what the wind levels are going to be when the storm actually gets here and we have concerns of some of the effects of the storm, mostly, i think, the possibility of flooding in some of the low-lying areas of town. >> reporter: off cape cod, coast guard planes directed fishing boats back to port. on shore, 20,000 utility workers have been put on stand by to repair outages along the eastern sea board. last year, hurricane irene caused a loss of power for more than six million households in this region, so
because the last time we had a big hurricane was irene and it was blown out of proportion as well. this one may be a little stronger but. >> irene i'll tell you what did a lot of damage in different places and the reality here -- thanks a lot, folks, the reality here is that a little bit of waiverring can make a huge, huge difference and you can see as time goes on, it can also make a big difference. you can come over and look at the patomic and rock creek is high and as that water comes down out of the mountains, there is serious potential for flooding. let's take it back to you. >>> bruce live in foggy bottom. found himself company, folks that tend to think the hurricane is over blown, fact is, if you look up the street in some of the neighbors and farther up the road in new york city, they will tell you this was not over blown and a complete disaster. >> thank you. we'll check in with topper but this thing is speeding up and making landfall there near atlantic city and then going inward toward philadelphia, toward new york city and causing terrible damage. we really did lu
's the number we're urging our residents to call. >> mr. gill, after irene and after the derecho, do you feel that you're better prepared, you know exactly what needs to happen for this storm? >> i believe the county is very much prepared to deal with what we are beginning -- [indiscernible] >> mr. gill, thank you very much. i do want to repeat ronald gill, jr. from the prince george's county 311 center says there is a shelter open. at 10:00 a.m. the richie coliseum will be open to shelter people on the campus of the university of maryland. again mr. gill, thank you and you be safe as well in this storm. >>> 9news team coverage of hurricane sandy continues with a look at things on the northeastern shore. kristin fisher is live along rehoboth beach in delaware with a look at conditions there. chris continue, we saw shots of the surf and it was really starting to kick up. >> reporter: definitely starting to kick up. you know this is not your normal hurricane when you are dressed in full ski gear to cover it. it is cold and getting colder. windy and getting so much windier. it is raining and it
gone. >> i've never seen anything like it before. irene, nothing even close. i went to the beach yesterday and it was like a tornado walked through. i walk it every day. i have never seen anything like it. >> i've never seen anything like it. we've been through storms and blizzards and this one they said it was going to be bad and its with. >> reporter: belmar emergency responders were pulling people from their homes. >> they have been staging ambulances over here and they get boats and kayak out or motor out and pick up whoever needs help. >> the governor is urging patience. >> i think this town is resilient and been through some stuff, so we know to sit and follow direction. >> derek, we will have more at 11:00. the boardwalk was also destroyed. a lot of flooding and property damage there. right now we are in ocean view, new jersey. but like all of the other small towns, and new jersey is nothing but a bunch of small towns along with newark and atlantic city, a lot of damage here. look behind me at ocean view. some of those people with no power. the lights you see are our light
inappropriate. >> reporter: inflamed passions included this prince george's county police captain irene hukkins who hopes to marry her partner in maryland. she sent an e-mail blast saying this type of defensive behavior will not fly in maryland. >> those who practice such things are deserving of death. >> reporter: meanwhile pastor robert anderson has not responded to requests for interviews to explain hi worthy of death comments about back live now late today derek mccoy issued a written statement saying, "any attempt to imply that dr. anderson's reading of scripture was a call to harm gays and lesbians is false and serves as a distraction from the real issues of this campaign." anderson says his group is committed to dignity and respect of all people, but he says marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman and again the video does remain posted on the host church's website. we've got it up on www.wusa9.com as well. reporting live in hanover, maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. >>> people up and down the east coast are tracking hurricane sandy and this video is just in from cuba as r
. >> reporter: new jersey which took a big hit from irene last year is expected to bear the worst of sandy. the massive storm is expected to make landfall there late sunday and stick around for three days. danielle nottingham, cbs news, vero beach, florida. >> of course wusa9 is tracking hurricane sandy on twitter and also on the web. just log on to wusa9.com/sandy. you'll find the hurricane tracker as well as multiple satellite views. >>> dat justice department is re-- today the justice department is reviewing a request from virginia democratic law maketories launch a mull city state -- mull multistate investigation into voter registration fraud. this comes one week after an employee at a public firm was arrested for destroying voter applications. we have the latest now from fairfax county. >> reporter: congressman jim moran and two other democratic congressmen from virginia are asking the department of justice to investigate a firm hired by the republican pay. strategic allied consulting and its subsid dear pin-point. the website has said it has never tolerated even minimal violations of
captain irene hukkins who hopes to marry her partner in maryland and sent an e-mail blast saying this type of defensive behavior will not fly in maryland. >> those who practice such things are deserving of death. >> reporter: meanwhile pastor robert anderson has not responded to requests for interviews to explain his worthy of death comments about same sex marriage. scott broom, 9 news now. >> late today derek mccoy issued a written statement that says, "any attempt to imply that dr. anderson's reading of scripture was a call to harm gays and lesbians was false and serves as a distraction from the real issues of this campaign." anderson says his group is committed to the dignity and respect of all people, but that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman. >>> tomorrow supporters and opponents of that same sex marriage referendum plan to rally at galludet university in d.c., but this time they're both planning to call for the same thing. both groups want angela mccaskill reinstated as school's chief diversity officer. mccaskill was placed on paid leave earlier this month after admini
. >> it's a big storm. we have faced that with irene a little bit and because of the size and projected magnitude, it's questionable about where it's going to be and how big it really will building. >> this particular time we have no plans to evacuate ocean city. we have to make decisions with regard to our resident and visitors. we're certainly be prepared to -- we'll certainly be prepared to do. so. >> reporter: if you have plans to be up in rehoboth in delaware for the sea witch festival which attracts as many as 30,000 people, where he -- rehoboth is not cancelling any of that. live in ocean city, i'm scott broom, 9 news now. >>> officials are closing asoteaque state island and park. vehicles will not be permitted after 7 p.m. the closures will last at least through tuesday as that storm coming in. >>> hurricane sandy having an impact on the race for president already. republican challenger mitt romney canceled an appearance for sunday in virginia beach because of concerns about that storm. sandy is kicking up waves and dumping rain on florida already and while the timing could ha
as it comes in, this is a cold wind. this is nothing like irene. irene was tropical, warm, no problem at all. this is actually cold, so not very comfort l, but you wouldn't want to -- comforting, but you wouldn't want to miss this, would you? >> bruce, get back with us. we want you on this side of the ocean, not in the ocean. >>> andrea mccarren has been out all day on river road in bethesda. earlier she had the adventure of the blowing barriers. we'll find out where she is now. venezuelan? >> reporter: derek, we've had reinforcements here now. there's u.s. park police. the barriers have blown over to this side. there's some on the other side of the street. basically park police did the right thing. i think they've probably given up on them and they are planting a police cruiser in the middle of the intersection to prevent people from going down little falls parkway between river road and mass avenue. it is a very different bethesda that we're seeing right now. some of the wind guss have been extraordinary. look up river road now and you -- gust have been extraordinary. look up river road n
. part of it is because there were so many spectators out here for irene and they don't want that again when you could be dealing with a once if a century sort of storm. look at that break. oh, my gosh. that's what you would see surfers going through, those little tubes. i don't even know the proper terminology for that. i mean, we've just been seeing set after set of incredible waves out here. in terms of what we're seeing like damage, stuff like that, no real huge trees down. no power lines down, at least right here in the boardwalk area. we know we're seeing it up and down more on the bay side again. it's just the story right now is the waves. we've got a good amount of rain. it's definitely blowing in my face. we're getting some good stronger gusts of wind. but sustained winds, they don't feel too bad. it still feels more like a tropical storm than a hurricane. of course that's because hurricane sandy still several hundred miles away from us here. let's just go back to the boardwalk real quick. i'll show you some of the businesses that -- how they're dealing with this storm. you can
it's a road block. it's preventing anything from turning back out to sea. even irene moved up along the coast and parallel but scooted on out. that central atlantic block is probablyin probably going to force the storm westward. the cold pool over the eastern united states, that's the winter storm you were referring to you. you take all the tropical energy, all the heat from the tropices, you combine it with winter cold, that's an explosive infreedient in the atmosphere and that's why we think this storm has so much potential. i encourage everybody to pay attention to what their local emergency management personnel tell them. >> pelley: the last major hurricane to hit the u.s. this late in the season, was wilma, seven years ago today. that was a category three storm. it killed five people in florida and caused more than $20 billion in damage. it's the third costliest hurricane in the u.s. after andrew and katrina. we are down to the last 12 days of campaign 2012. a new poll out tonight suggests that mitt romney has closedly the gender gap. last month, president obama led among women
hurricane irene. how is it to know you're going into a period of a week or so without power? >> i think it's better than last year, we kept thinking it was going to be everyday we'd get power. >> reporter: just next door, susan crowe says she's prepared for a number of rough days. >> you can have a somehow ere but it's a cold shower. you have no hot water. of course, you have nothing to cook with. >> reporter: down the street, we bumped into utility contractor rusty maxwell who said he was too busy to stop for long. what's involved with getting the power back on here? >> well, the power company has to go evaluation all the feeders and the power sources and go from there. >> reporter: scott, this is what those utility crews are up against: giant trees on top of power lines. these trees have to be removed before power can be restored. >> pelley: we wondered if sandy would disrupt gasoline supplies. it turns out six refineries in the northeast were affected by the storm. two of them shut down and four scaled back production. all of them are expected back in full operation within a week. we sp
is the size of the loss? >> it is a major disaster in new jersey. you know i have gone through irene, october snowstorm, the blizzard of 2010. this is by par the worst thing we have gone through. we have 2.4 million people or households without power. we have over 200 state roads closed. we have -- wasn't actually a levee. it was a berm and the berm was overwhelmed by the tidal surge that came up the newark bay. same one affecting new york city. we are in the midst of rescuing hundreds of people in bergen county from their homes. also involved in rescues last night, middlesex county rescuing people from their homes. again, not with river flooding but tidal surge from the bay. so this is -- not even to mention what's happen order the jersey coastline which i think in the long run will be the part of the state that's the most devastated. you saw some of the scenes yesterday from up and down our coast. new jersey obviously this is where it came onshore. i think the state of new jersey took it in the neck worse than any other state. it is going to take as you while to dig o
of the season. with memories of hurricane irene fresh on everyone's minds, hurricane companies are bracing for the worst. >> getting our resources ready, making sure the people are ready, getting everything in order. >> reporter: in maryland, batteries, radiators, and generators flew off the shelves. >> talking five or six days possibility, therefore, you got to set a plan for that. >> reporter: planning that could save lives. hurricane sandy is blamed for 21 deaths across the caribbean. in cuba, nine people were killed as sandy toppled houses, ripped off roofs, and flooded neighborhoods. in the dominican republic, flash flooding buried cars and trees under water. and in jamaica, most of the eastern part of the island remains without power, and even now, flash flooding remains a danger. >> right now, that area right there. >> reporter: now faced with news of sandy's destructive potential, those living in her path can only do their best as they prepare for the worst. >> last week we talked about the fact we hadn't had any hurricanes this year, and here we are. >> reporter: the storm surge
anything like it before. irene nothing even close. i went to the beach yesterday and it was like a tornado went through. i've never seen anything like it. i walk it every day. >> i've never seen anything like that. we've been through the storms the the nor easters and been through the blizzards but this one they said it was going to be really bad and it certainly was. >> reporter: bell mar emergency responders have been in the flood waters pulling people from their homes. >> staging ambulances over here and they get in their boats and go out and kayak out and motor out to wherever and pick up whoever needs help. >> reporter: the governor is urging patience -- is going to get the people understand -- >> oh, yeah. yeah. i think this town is resilient. and it's been through some stuff. so we know to sit and you know, follow directions. >> reporter: bruce johnson reporting from new jersey. >> could have been us. and there was a series of natural gas fires on the jersey shore town of brick township this morning. but nobody was hurt they tell us. >>> closer to home dominion virginia power is try
. the mayor here wants to make sure people don't get complacent, basis year ago, hurricane irene, they had all these dire warnings, and it really didn't do much to this city. he wants to make sure they understand that this time there really could be some severe flooding, a storm surge of 4-eight of 8 feet which would mean where i'm standing will certainly be underwater. he's warning people in the low-lying parts of the island to prepare to evacuate. he said power could be out for days. they need a disaster supply kit. it's very important that people don't get complacent based on what happened a year ago because this one could be much worse. bob. >> schieffer: all right, thank you, my friend. chip reid in maryland. let's go now to cbs news correspondent elaine quijano. she is at point pleasant beach, new jersey this morning. elaine, what's the latest there? >> reporter: good morning to you, bob. well, governor chris christie has declared a statement of emergency here in new jersey, and he's also ordered the mandatory evacuation for residents who live on the barrier islands. that begin at 4:00 t
here during hurricane irene. hurricane sandy is coming on strong. here's what he had to say yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon. take a listen. >> i haven't seen a whole lot worse than this and the storm is already hundreds of miles -- it's still hundreds of miles away. so what it will be when it actually hits is very concerning. that's why we're asking people to treat this really seriously. >> reporter: it looks like a lot of people out here in rehoboth beach are taking this seriously, although we still have seen a lot of folks out here deciding to ride out the storm. you are seeing the 14-foot, 15- foot tall waves crashing into the rehoboth beach boardwalk. all the businesses right along the beach have all boarded up. they are all closed down and they're going to stay this way for several more days. lots of sandbags, lots of boarded up, taped windows. really a ghost town over there. you can see the waves just creeping closer and closer to the shore. we are still three hours away from high tide. farther down in ocean city, i believe their boardwalk is still standing. social media
that with irene and because of the size of the storm, it's a little questionable exactly where it's going to be and how big it really will be. this particur time we have no plans to evacuate ocean city. we have to makedecisions with regard to our residents and visitors. we'll certainly be prepared to do so. >> reporter: so the time frame down here is take advantage of the good weather while they ve it. it looks like if they'll have to make some serious decisions, they'll be doing that starting saturday evening into sunday so people can make plans and move if that's what the decision is going to be. that's a similar situation throughout the communities up and down the coast here in maryland and also in delaware. in fact, this weekend at rehoboth beach a big civic celebration called the sea witch -- that's a halloween theme event -- that's going to draw 20 to 30,000 people into town in rehoboth and there are no plans to cancel that now, but folks will have to watch very carefully and i think a lot of people will want to leave the coast sometime early to mid-sunday. reporting live at ocean
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